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Your FeministWiki password is synchronized across all services of the FeministWiki, meaning you only have to remember one password to use all functions of the FeministWiki.

Help, I forgot my password!

If you forgot or lost your FeministWiki password, there are two ways to regain control of your account.

Using e-mail recovery

To use the e-mail account recovery, you must have a recovery e-mail address configured in your account settings. If you never did this, skip to the next section.

If you have a recovery e-mail address, you can reset the password of your account and have a new, randomly generated password sent to your recovery e-mail address. To do so:

  1. Click the Reset password link on the left-side panel of the wiki (desktop version only) or just follow this link:
  2. In the page that opens, enter your FeministWiki username and recovery e-mail address, click on "I'm not a bot" and wait a few seconds for the verification, then click on Send new password.

After you've received your new password, you can use the instructions further below on this page to change your password to one you can better remember.

Contacting the technician

If you've lost your password and you had not set up a recovery e-mail, you will have to contact the FeministWiki technician and ask for a manual password reset. Simply send an email to

The technician may be skeptical towards your request if it isn't obvious that you're the legitimate owner of the account whose password you're trying to have reset. In worst case, contact the member who initially added you as a member (who's hopefully a friend of yours) and tell her/him to confirm to the technician that it's really you.

Changing your password and recovery e-mail address

You can change your FeministWiki password and/or recovery e-mail address by visiting the account settings page:

  1. Click the Settings link on the left-side panel of the wiki (desktop version only) or just follow this link:
  2. In the settings page, firstly fill out your FeministWiki username and current password.
  3. Fill out the New password and Re-type new password fields if you want to change your password. If you want to change your Recovery e-mail, fill out that field instead. Leave other fields blank.
  4. Make sure not to use your FeministWiki e-mail address (like as your recovery e-mail address, because you need your FeministWiki password to access that one in the first place. (Chicken and egg problem.) Use a different e-mail address, which you can access even if you forgot your FeministWiki password.