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    Page ideas

    • Prostitution: Merge the pages Anti-prostitution feminism and Nordic Model into a general page about prostitution.
    • Pornography: A page about pornography with all its aspect like production, content, effects of society, etc.
    • Pornhub: https://traffickinghub.com/ Probably enough material to make this a separate page from Pornography.
    • List of well-known feminists: Simply a list of all well-known feminists we can think of, perhaps divided by era, with a few sentences summarizing their significance.
    • Queer theory (and its ties to pedophilia): Study & cite DrPankhurtEM's 4-part piece on QT/pedophilia
    • Cotton ceiling: http://www.gettheloutuk.com/index.html
    • Sexism on the left: Denial of sexism, rape culture, male-centric sex liberalism, queer theory, etc.
    • Sexism on the right: Recap all the ways in which right-wing conservatives are sexist, no matter how obvious, perhaps aimed especially at newcomers to feminism.
    • Censorship of gender critical feminists: List/discuss women who have suffered consequences of being gender-critical - women who have been deplatformed at events, lost jobs, been visited by police and been banned on Twitter. See Sam Barber Twitter threads and also Enough is Enough Twitter account. now 390 women's Twitter accounts suspended/banned? (June 18 2019)
    • Censorship of feminists: Perhaps this should be a generic article where censorship of GC feminists is only a subsection of it. See e.g. https://4w.pub/the-striking-similarities-between-the-treatment-of-modern-gender-critical-feminists-and-british-suffragettes/.
    • Hormone-treatment of gender dysphoria: Summary of science we have on health effects of taking cross-hormones, as well as hormone blockers for children.
    This could possibly start with Prof Carl Heneghan's bmj article: Gender-affirming hormone in children and adolescents https://blogs.bmj.com/bmjebmspotlight/2019/02/25/gender-affirming-hormone-in-children-and-adolescents-evidence-review/ Are there other good reviews?
    • Sex-based oppression: Biological aspects and basis for women's oppression. Perhaps this should be a subsection of a general Sexism page.
    • Sex binary: Debates over idea that sex is non-binary (review treatment on Wikipedia first - do not duplicate/replicate well-sourced and balanced articles there). Perhaps this should be a subsection of the Sex page.
    • Transwomen in women's prisons: Discuss the position of trans activists, and campaigns they ran to put certain transwomen into women's prisons (e.g. Synthia China Blast). Point out transwomen and trans-pretenders who were put in women's prisons and caused problems (e.g. Karen White).
    • Transwomen and male violence: Discuss both how transwomen are targets of male violence, and how they can be perpetrators of it. Useful source: fact-check on trans prison population and sexual offences: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-42221629
    • Domestic violence: Sex differences, court bias, laws, and so on.
    • Male violence: General overview of the term that branches into different topics and links to other relevant pages like prostitution, domestic violence, and so on.

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    Gender dysphoria / desistance

    Lesbian views on transwomen



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