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Your FeministWiki password is synchronized across all services of the FeministWiki, meaning you only have to remember one password to use all functions of the FeministWiki.

Changing your password

While logged in on the wiki, click on the Preferences link at the top right corner, to the left of the Log out link.

Click on Preferences

In the Preferences page that opens, you will see a link with the text Change password under the first section of the page, titled Basic information.

Click on Change password

From there on, the instructions given on the screen should be clear.

Configuring an account recovery e-mail

Against the case that you forget or lose your password, you can set up a recovery e-mail address.

While logged in on the wiki, click on the Preferences link at the top right corner, as shown under the section Changing your password above.

In the preferences page, you will see a section titled Email options with a link that reads Set an email address. Simply follow that link and then follow the on-screen instructions the wiki gives you.

Click on Set an email address

Make sure not to use your FeministWiki e-mail address for this (like because you need your FeministWiki password to open that one. Use a different e-mail address, which you can open even if you forgot your FeministWiki password.

Help, I forgot my password!

If you forgot or lost your FeministWiki password, there are some options of recovering your account.

Using e-mail recovery

To use the e-mail account recovery, you must have an external (non-FeministWiki) e-mail address configured in your user preferences, as explained in the previous section.

Given that you had done this, simply visit the Login page of the wiki (click on Log in at the very top right of this wiki page) and then click on the Forgot your password? link.

Click on Forgot your password?

This will lead to a page asking for your username and e-mail address. Here you have to enter your FeministWiki username and your recovery e-mail address that you had hopefully set up as described on this page.

After submitting the form, you will receive an e-mail containing a temporary password with which you can log in.

You can use the password received via e-mail to log in normally to the wiki (but not other services of the FeministWiki). As soon as you log in to the wiki, it will ask you for a new password. Enter your new password twice and submit the form. You can now use the password you configured for all FeministWiki services again.

Contacting the admin

If you've lost your password and you had not set up a recovery e-mail, you will have to contact the FeministWiki technician and ask for a manual password reset. Simply send an email to or by contacting @FeministWiki on Twitter.

The technician may be skeptical towards your request if it isn't obvious that you're the legitimate owner of the account whose password you're trying to have reset. In worst case, contact the member who initially added you as a member (who's hopefully a friend of yours) and tell her/him to confirm to the technician that it's really you.