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Welcome to FeministWiki, a wiki and a digital home for the feminist community.

A wiki is a knowledge-base like an encyclopedia, but managed by the public. The FeministWiki specializes on feminism, and is managed by feminists and their supporters. Further, the FeministWiki platform offers an integrated "digital home" for feminists, consisting of a blog platform, chat, forum, email accounts (, per-member and shared file storage, and more. To become a member, all you need to do is contact an existing member and let them know about your commitment to the feminist cause. You can also contact the project's technician at admin(@) or @FeministWiki on Twitter.

Once you are a member, you will be given a username and password with which you can log in to all FeministWiki services. If you want more detailed information, you can read the details about membership or details about the services. For an introduction to wiki editing, see our small help page or the bigger MediaWiki help page.

Heads up: the FeministWiki needs you. All of the technical infrastructure of the FeministWiki is only useful if there's a community making use of it, and content on the wiki doesn't write itself! Be bold, don't shy off of asking for membership, and let the community and the world benefit from your added knowledge. You can become a member even if you have no intention to contribute to the actual wiki; feel free to chat away with other members, discuss matters important to you on the forum, or use the file storage to have a central place to store your favorite information-material on feminism.

The project is mere months old and the community is yet in an infantile stage, but with your contribution, it will grow.

What is feminism?

There are a variety of ideological groupings which call themselves feminism, and some of them are in contradiction with each other. As such, one cannot support all types of feminism at the same time. The FeministWiki is for people who adhere to a relatively straightforward and classical interpretation of feminism: the liberation of female people from male supremacy. This is sometimes called radical feminism because male supremacy is a radical notion for many people, and its elimination requires radical changes to society.

Male supremacy refers to social and political systems that use stereotypes, myths, discrimination, belittlement, violence, and other means to keep men in power and women oppressed. Women are then exploited for reproductive and domestic labor, men's sexual gratification, and more. Male supremacy also causes collateral damage to some men and boys. For instance, effeminate boys and gay men are often targeted with severe punishment for failing to uphold the myth that men are inherently masculine.

The FeministWiki promotes second-wave feminist literature:

Further, the FeministWiki promotes and stands in solidarity with the following groups and organizations:

Who's behind the project?

The FeministWiki belongs to the community. However, the technical infrastructure is managed by the technician. The first technician, who set up the infrastructure, is a male computer programmer who goes by the pseudonym "Social Justice Wizard" (humor intended) on social media and blogging platforms like Medium. To reach the technician, mail to admin(@) The technician has no leadership role in the community. She or he is solely responsible for managing the infrastructure, offering technical support, and receiving membership requests. For now, he also pays the bills (a relatively small sum) needed to run the infrastructure.