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GirlsDoPorn is a US American website dealing in filmed rape, presented as "amateur pornography." The website has an annual revenue of $25 million.[1]

Three men involved in the organization, Michael Pratt, Andre Garcia, and Matthew Wolf, are facing charges for sex trafficking and child pornography.[2] In January 2020, judge Kevin Enright ruled that 22 adult victims of the company would be receiving $12.7 million in damages because of the severe trauma they faced.[3] Garcia and Wolf are in US federal custody as of January 2020, whereas Pratt has fled to his homeland, New Zealand, although the child pornography charges he is facing are subject to an extradition treaty between New Zealand and the US.

Of the 22 victims who successfully sued the company, many were left dealing with suicidal ideation, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorders, blackmailing from men who find videos of their rape online, job discrimination, and various forms of sexual harassment.[1]

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