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The technician is responsible for the technical infrastructure behind the FeministWiki project. She or he keeps the system running, and offers technical support to members. The technician does not have a leadership role in the community.

As it's possible for the technician to change over time, it could be seen as a title.

There is a FeministWiki account by the name of "Admin" which can be used by the technician to carry out various administrative tasks on the wiki, forum, etc., although it's possible to grant similar administrative powers to other accounts as well. (For instance, the technician could grant such powers to her or his regular FeministWiki account, so they needn't log out and back in all the time with different accounts when carrying administrative tasks.)

The technician can be contacted by mailing to admin@feministwiki.org or via @FeministWiki on Spinster.

The first technician

The first technician, who built the FeministWiki infrastructure, is Social Justice Wizard. His FeministWiki username is SocJusWiz. He also pays the bills needed to run the FeministWiki infrastructure. (About 200 EUR a year.) His work is to be seen as volunteer work, and his financial backing as a donation to the world-wide feminist community.

The technician pledges his allegiance to the feminist cause as defined by the women who have founded and continue to lead the movement in its true spirit, upholding the freedom and human dignity of women and girls without compromise. He encourages to-be technicians, especially women, to get involved in the FeministWiki infrastructure so that the community doesn't need to put an undue amount of trust in him.