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Every FeministWiki member automatically has an email account like "" and can send and receive emails with it. This is completely separate from any private email addresses you might have, like from Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, and so on. You don't have to use your FeministWiki e-mail address, but it might be useful if you want to separate your private life from your political activism.

The easiest way to use your FeministWiki email account is to visit the "web interface" and log in with your FeministWiki username and password:

Alternatively, you can configure any standard email application (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or an email app on your smartphone) to use your FeministWiki email account to send and receive mail.

Connection parameters

Following are the connection parameters for the FeministWiki email service. If the table reads like gibberish for you, just ignore it and see one of the application-specific guides on how to add your FeministWiki account.

FeministWiki E-Mail
Hostname Port Protocol
SMTP 465 smtps
IMAP 993 imaps
POP 995 pop3s

Gmail on Android

The Gmail app for Android smartphones allows you to add non-Gmail accounts for email. Here's a quick guide on how to integrate your FeministWiki email into the Gmail app.